Lessons in getting her wet and wild

Learn the skills of extraordinary lovers.
orgasm queenHave you ever had a woman begging you to do her, make love to her?
No? You should take this lesson
Have you ever had a woman flick on her cold switch & decide she doesn’t want sex with you?
Yes? you should take this lesson
Have you ever wondered if multiple orgasms or orgasm without ejaculation is really possible for men?
Yes? you should take this lesson
Have you ever felt empty & flat after sex?
Yes? you should take this lesson.
You can be the most satisfying lover, the one she will never forget.

Will you be one of the lucky guys?
Usually it takes more than luck, women sometimes think men should just know
what to do…
Then truth is a large percentage of women don’t even know what they’ve got, or how to
use it, so…
how would a guy know? Certainly not from sex ed. at school…
lucky if they showed you how to put a condom on…

In my considerable experience very few people have access to their full orgasmic
potential, you may already think sex is great…
with some practice, and good guidance, the chances are it can become mind-blowing!

I’m offering you an opportunity to learn the secrets of extraordinary & unforgettable lovers.

Every Woman has the capacity to be a hot, horny, enthusiastic & orgasmic lover.
You can develop your playful, confident and sexy skills & learn the pathways to her
You can help her reach multi-orgasmic heights…
which will be your delight.

Have her begging you for more & more!
In this 2 1/2 hour ‘lesson’ you will learn

* practices to access your own sexual power
* techniques to help control ejaculation
* ways to be present-essential for really good fucking/lovemaking.
* women’s arousal patterns, signals- how to know when she is really hot!
* all about women’s clitoris, vagina & all those juicy bits, you will be amazed!
* how to encourage her to let her juices flow
* Erotic Massage Strokes giving & receiving

This is a private, intimate & erotic encounter with myself, a hands on experiential & exciting journey of discovery you’ll be glad you came on.
Sexual confidence & satisfaction can definitely enhance your life…

My advice? leave your preconceived ideas at the door – you may be in for a surprise!

This 2 1/2 hour session is a worthwhile investment for anyone who really wants to learn something valuable whilst having  a lot of fun.

further questions? email me orgasm@orgasmqueen.org

Available in my studio Lismore, or outcalls to Byron Bay & surrounding areas.

Women’s Orgasm- wondering why a profound, deep orgasm can make her hot & deeply satisfied? Nicole Daedone offers her insight…

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